All calls may be monitored and recorded. This is a communication about debt from a debt collector. Any information will be used for that purpose.


Utility Services

Improving customer experience and loyalty is a top priority for every utility provider. At National Credit Services (NCS), we understand the complexities of utility debt collection at every stage. Our trained recovery professionals know you want to stay competitive in your industry without incurring unnecessary debt or alienating your customers.

Nobody benefits from unpaid utility debt, which is why NCS identifies at-risk customers and motivates them to pay their debts before it becomes insurmountable. We strive to maximize your revenue while protecting your merited reputation.

What utility services does NCS offer?

NCS uses an array of debt recovery strategies to collect your revenue in a timely manner. We deliver tangible results through respectful communication and effective recovery strategies, such as:

Customized recovery plans

Each type of utility company has its own set of challenges that require tailored solutions. From structured repayment plans to regular credit monitoring, we make sure your customers settle their debt obligations the moment they’re financially equipped to do so.

Skip tracing technologies

Skip tracing helps locate a person’s whereabouts if they cannot be found through traditional means. To recover your revenue as soon as possible, NCS implements skip tracing software when locating your customers.

Responsive client services

The recovery solutions professionals at NCS value your business processes. We work with you and your team to understand the nuances of your company before contacting your customers to ensure every move we make is in line with your brand.

Multifaceted communications

Along with traditional communication platforms, such as hard-copy notices and phone calls, NCS uses modern technologies to reach your customers. From social media and email to mobile texts, we’re dedicated to recovering your revenue.

For more information on our utility services, call National Credit Services today.