All calls may be monitored and recorded. This is a communication about debt from a debt collector. Any information will be used for that purpose.

Financial Institution Services

Financial institutions have the unique ability to help both consumers and commercial businesses grow and succeed. As a national leader in the debt recovery industry since 1995, National Credit Services (NCS) understands how important it is to maintain your brand’s reputation during the debt collection process.

Every lender faces challenges when recovering revenue from customers that have been unable to meet their repayment obligations. At NCS, we prioritize recovering your revenue, so you can focus on further growth and opportunity. With our financial institutions team by your side, NCS can help maximize your debt collection while protecting your valuable customer relationships.

What sets NCS apart from our competitors is our dedication to understanding the nuances of your business to best negotiate with your customers. We know preserving your customer relationships is of the utmost importance to the success of your establishment.

Strategy is key for our account representatives. They work directly with your customers to ensure their debts are paid in a timely manner, without damaging the relationships you’ve worked hard to build.

Which account types does NCS serve?

Overdraft checking and savings accounts

Secured Loan Accounts

Unsecured Loan Accounts

Lines of Credit

Credit Cards

Auto loans and deficiencies

Mortgage Loan

What services does NCS offer for financial institutions?

We recognize that each of your customers has a unique financial situation. Debt recovery strategies that work in one case may not produce the same results in another. To better serve our clients, we offer an array of strategic services for financial institutions, such as:

Skip tracing technologies

Skip tracing is the process of locating a person who cannot be easily found. If we can’t recover your revenue through traditional means, NCS uses advanced skip tracing software to locate your client and motivate them to resolve their debt.

Payment options

At NCS, our experienced account representatives listen to your clients’ needs and determine the right recovery solutions to collect your debt in full. Our goal is to recover your revenue without damaging the relationships you’ve built. We offer structured payment plans that suit your customer’s current financial status while maintaining the same level of respect and consideration that you deliver.

Communication tools

Modern technology gives us the tools we need to connect with your clients directly. In addition to hard-copy notices and phone calls, NCS takes advantage of every technological platform available to reach your customers. From social media and text messages to emails, we go above and beyond to recover your revenue.

To learn more about our financial institution services, call National Credit Services today.