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Falling behind on payments can have a detrimental effect on your credit and financial health. At National Credit Services (NCS), we understand how stressful it feels to receive a notice from a private collection agency (PCA). That’s why we work directly with you to resolve your account in a friendly, professional manner.

When you don’t meet your repayment obligation, the original creditor has approximately 31 days before they can legally send your debt to a PCA. If you have federal debt, this leaves you open to a number of collection measures, including administrative wage garnishment (AWG) and tax refund garnishment, through the Treasury Offset Program (TOP).

Administered by the United States Department of Treasury’s Financial Management Service (FMS), TOP allows private debt collectors like NCS to secure debt owed to federal agencies such as the Department of Education (ED).

Fortunately, you have options to get out of debt. For example, you may be eligible for loan rehabilitation if you hold unpaid debt through the following federal loan programs:

What is loan rehabilitation?

Loan rehabilitation is a one-time chance to resolve defaulted federal debt. If you’re eligible for loan rehabilitation, you can enter into an agreement through NCS to get your loan back into good standing with a specified number of on-time qualifying payments.

What are the benefits of loan rehabilitation?

There are several benefits of loan rehabilitation that can help you resolve your debt and achieve financial success. Entering into a loan rehabilitation agreement with NCS can:

How does loan rehabilitation work?

The goal of loan rehabilitation is to completely resolve your defaulted debt through on-time monthly payments. To ensure you’re able to meet your repayment obligations, these payments must be both reasonable and affordable. After three consecutive payments, you may be eligible for loan consolidation. Six consecutive payments may qualify you for financial aid. Once you’ve made nine out of 10 full, consecutive, on-time monthly payments, along with the other requirements, your loan will be rehabilitated and the default removed from your credit history. 

To settle your debt and achieve financial freedom, speak to a representative at National Credit Services today.

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